For booking:  blink180true@gmail.com

Blink-180TRUE is America’s #1 Blink-182 Tribute Band. Playing all the hits, with all the laughs along the way.  Based out of Southern California, the band is available for both local and touring gigs.  


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Featured On The Adam Corolla Podcast

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8 thoughts on “Home

  1. You guys are amazing, saw you at the tin roof last week at San Diego and, like always, it was a great fucking time..!!! Love you guys!! come back to LA !!!

  2. Listen I’ve got a fair deal for you. Play wildfire this Saturday at campland and I will buy you guys shots. That is all. Look forward to it.


  3. I just want to say that these guys are AWESOME PEOPLE. I work the front desk of a hotel they were checking into. Their arrival was not at my finest moment, I was outside throwing up in the bushes (turns out I’m pregnant). But these guys were so kind and patient with me, they gave me time to freshen up before checking them in. One of these gentleman even came back down to bring me some Alka-seltzer to settle my stomach. Once he mentioned they were a Blink cover band, I nearly puked again. Blink is my favorite band EVER, and I tried everything to get coverage for me to be able to get to their show. It didn’t work out for me. I wish I had made it. I just want to say that you are stand up guys, and I hope you come back to MA soon, so I can make it to your show. I’d like to thank you again, in person, because you guys were wonderful.

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