– Song List

For booking:  blink180true@gmail.com

Current song list:


Adam’s Song  (138)

Aliens Exist (212)

All The Small Things (149)

Always (159)


Anthem Pt II (206)

Apple Shampoo (217)

Blowjob Song

Bored To Death (160)

Carousel (N/A)

Damnit (216)

Don’t Leave Me (145)

Dumpweed (200)

Dysentery Gary

Enthused (N/A)

Family Reunion

Feeling This (173)

First Date (191)

Going Away To College (209)

Happy Holidays You Bastard

I Miss You (220)

Josie (200)

M+M’s (162)

Man Overboard (191)

Mutt (210)

The Party Song

Pathetic (203)

Reckless Abandon (125)

Rock Show (192)

Stay Together For The Kids (145)

Wendy Clear (228)

What’s My Age Again (157)


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